Michael Kabram Acupuncture


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Kampo Herbal Medicine

Kampo is an individualized treatment system where the overall condition of the patient and their constitution are paramount; additionally, Kampo has a holistic therapeutic approach, as the mind and body are seen as one entity. The therapeutic aim is to relieve symptoms and to restore harmony to bodily functions. The treatment regime is based on symptoms. For the determination of the appropriate herbal prescription, I carry out a thorough investigation of the complaints and symptoms of the patient. The physical examination includes abdominal palpation, tongue inspection and pulse diagnosis. This provides additional information concerning the state of the disease, by gathering the amount, and distribution of ki (vital energy), ketsu(blood) and sui (body fluid). The subjective complaints and the symptoms observed by the physician are combined to form an individual symptom profile, a Kampo diagnosis (sho), which leads to the selection of the appropriate prescription. It may happen that patients with the same conventional diagnosis obtain different prescriptions (same diagnosis but different treatments), or patients with different conventional diagnoses are prescribed the same formula (same treatment for different diagnoses).


Cupping is a technique in which a glass or plastic cup is applied to the skin and held in place by suction. The cup pulls the  superficial connective tissue into the cup.  This then brings fresh blood, along with all of its healing properties  to the area to improve circulation, remove stagnation, thus inititating the steps of healing. In Chinese Medicine, we look at certain types of muscle pain as "stagnation", cupping does wonders in removing this stagnation and decreasing pain.  Cupping is also used to to help with colds and allergies as well.  


Moxibustion is a technique used in Acupuncture treatments. Moxa(mugwort herb) is placed on certain areas of the body, on top of a protective ointment, and burned. The burning of the herb on certain points can strengthen the function of the point, warm it, and increase circulation. In certain cases, the moxa is put on top of needle and heated, so the heat penetrates through the needle and deeper into the body.

Tui na

Tui na  is a  form of Chinese Medical massage. Tui na seeks to improve the flow of qi throughout the body.  Tui na is works really well  for problems involving muscles, joints, and structural misalignment.  


Electrical Stimulation

Electro-acupuncture (EA), or electrical stimulation (e-stim) is the application of a small electrical current to the acupuncture needles. E-stim is a way to provide reliable, consistent stimulation to acupuncture points without prolonged manipulation of the needles by hand.

E-stim generally enhances the effect of acupuncture therapy by raising the level of analgesia and extending the treatment’s effectiveness. The additional stimulation of the acupuncture needles helps to promote tissue repair, as well as healing and regenerating nerve fibers essential to the treatment of many chronic conditions. Because of its pain-relieving abilities, electro-acupuncture is often used in cases of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. EA can be used to treat a variety of disorders including pain, muscle spasms, numbness, nerve dysfunction, paralysis and atrophy.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point Acupuncture is particularly effective for patients who experience muscle and joint pain resulting from injuries, chronic pain conditions, any pain resulting from repetitive movement, and of course, stress. It is appropriate for athletes, yoga practitioners, dancers, personal trainers, cross-fit enthusiasts, new parents, and basically anyone who has a job where you are required to do, or be in a specific position over and over again, yes, sitting all day in an office counts. Other people with active lifestyles can benefit as well. How this works is, based on each individual complaint we will go through the muscles and connective tissue(fascia) associated with those muscles. Needles will be inserted in to the muscle causing a very fast contraction of the muscle fiber followed by an immediate relaxation of that muscle fiber. This can feel like a kind of jump or twitch. It is a different sensation, but a lot of people really enjoy it because you are actually feeling the tightened engaged muscle release and relax.