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Natalie Deryn

Michael has a thorough and gentle touch. Working with him brings both restoration to the body and further insight into the relationship between life choices and internal wellness. I am impressed with his versatility of knowledge and ability to make choices in the moment that call from this depth of approach to address the patient where they are physically and mentally. He is responsive to the needs of the patient and is communicative in his practice. I find this very valuable in a practitioner. This dialogue and enthusiasm for the art of healing allows for a safe and warm environment for one to bring their disharmonies of any level to him for assistance while empowering the ability of a patient to make choices that align with higher quality of life while off the table. I especially recommend seeking his hand for the healing of athletes, performers and dancers. As a dancer myself, I have found Michael’s treatments of injuries effective and considerate. He has had an incredible background of working with elite performers in NYC, though of course has the mindset and foundation to treat patients with a spectrum of concerns with an eye for personal attention.  

Danielle L

I went in to see Michael after friends suggested I try acupuncture to help with a back injury. He had a great calming manner, and used a combination of treatments to help relieve the area, including cupping and electrical stimulation on some of the needles, which I'd never heard of before, but really calmed the muscles. 
The space is also very welcoming, the receptionist is very warm and the room is bright and peaceful with views of the greenpoint waterfront.
Thanks for the treatment! Looking forward to the next session!

Tamara B

Michael is magical. I even hesitate to write this review for fear this secret gets out. He has a wonderful bedside manner, takes every ailment I throw at him and addresses it successfully.