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CarlyGaebe_MichaelKabram_Acupuncture-CarlyGaebe_MichaelKabram_Acupuncture-Brooklyn-Cupping-massage-yoga-back pain-pain-neckpain-dancer-parkslope-wellness82.jpg
CarlyGaebe_MichaelKabram_Acupuncture-CarlyGaebe_MichaelKabram_Acupuncture-Brooklyn-Cupping-massage-yoga-back pain-pain-neckpain-dancer-parkslope-wellness1.jpg

First Appointment

The initial appointment will be around 90 minutes.  During this visit, there will be a very detailed verbal intake and discussion.  It is important in Chinese Medicine to establish a persons constitution, this can give us an opportunity to not only treat the symptoms(branch) that you are coming in for, but it also allows us to treat the underlying (root) as well. This is vital for long lasting treatments, and overall balance in our body. There will also be thorough physical exam as well. 

Do I need to do anything prior to to my appointment?

It is best to make sure that you have had something to eat prior to treatment. Other than that, just bring, or wear loose fitting pants, or shorts, a short sleeve shirt or tank top.